Garfinkel Alan

Title(s)Professor, Integrative Biology and Physiology
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    Title(s)Professor, Medicine

    Title(s)Faculty, Cardiovascular Research Laboratory

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    1. Kung GL, Vaseghi M, Gahm JK, Shevtsov J, Garfinkel A, Shivkumar K, Ennis DB. Microstructural Infarct Border Zone Remodeling in the Post-infarct Swine Heart Measured by Diffusion Tensor MRI. Front Physiol. 2018; 9:826. PMID: 30246802.
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    5. Prudat Y, Madhvani RV, Angelini M, Borgstom NP, Garfinkel A, Karagueuzian HS, Weiss JN, de Lange E, Olcese R, Kucera JP. Stochastic pacing reveals the propensity to cardiac action potential alternans and uncovers its underlying dynamics. J Physiol. 2016 05 01; 594(9):2537-53. PMID: 26563830; PMCID: PMC4850193 [Available on 04/28/17].
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    7. Madhvani RV, Angelini M, Xie Y, Pantazis A, Suriany S, Borgstrom NP, Garfinkel A, Qu Z, Weiss JN, Olcese R. Targeting the late component of the cardiac L-type Ca2+ current to suppress early afterdepolarizations. J Gen Physiol. 2015 May; 145(5):395-404. PMID: 25918358; PMCID: PMC4411259.
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