Gee Gilbert C.

Title(s)Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences
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    Title(s)Associate Professor, Health Equity

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    1. Seaton EK, Gee GC, Neblett E, Spanierman L. New directions for racial discrimination research as inspired by the integrative model. Am Psychol. 2018 Sep; 73(6):768-780. PMID: 30188165.
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    5. Li LW, Gee GC, Dong X. Association of Self-Reported Discrimination and Suicide Ideation in Older Chinese Americans. Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2018 01; 26(1):42-51. PMID: 28917505.
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    8. Beymer MR, Weiss RE, Sugar CA, Bourque LB, Gee GC, Morisky DE, Shu SB, Javanbakht M, Bolan RK. Are Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines for Preexposure Prophylaxis Specific Enough? Formulation of a Personalized HIV Risk Score for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Initiation. Sex Transm Dis. 2017 01; 44(1):48-56. PMID: 27898570.
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    9. Ro A, Geronimus A, Bound J, Griffith D, Gee G. Educational gradients in five Asian immigrant populations: Do country of origin, duration and generational status moderate the education-health relationship? Prev Med Rep. 2016 Dec; 4:338-43. PMID: 27486564.
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    10. Cook MC, Morisky DE, Williams JK, Ford CL, Gee GC. Sexual Risk Behaviors and Substance Use Among Men Sexually Victimized by Women. Am J Public Health. 2016 07; 106(7):1263-9. PMID: 27077345.
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    14. Walsemann KM, Ailshire JA, Gee GC. Student loans and racial disparities in self-reported sleep duration: evidence from a nationally representative sample of US young adults. J Epidemiol Community Health. 2016 Jan; 70(1):42-8. PMID: 26254292.
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    17. Crespi CM, Wang MC, Seto E, Mare R, Gee G. Associations of family and neighborhood socioeconomic characteristics with longitudinal adiposity patterns in a biracial cohort of adolescent girls. Biodemography Soc Biol. 2015; 61(1):81-97. PMID: 25879263; PMCID: PMC4400869.
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