Goodglick Lee

Title(s)Associate Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Phone(310) 206-0952
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    1. Li X, LeBlanc J, Elashoff D, McHardy I, Tong M, Roth B, Ippoliti A, Barron G, McGovern D, McDonald K, Newberry R, Graeber T, Horvath S, Goodglick L, Braun J. Microgeographic Proteomic Networks of the Human Colonic Mucosa and Their Association With Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2016 Sep; 2(5):567-583. PMID: 28174738.
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    24. Diamandis EP, Goodglick L, Planque C, Thornquist MD. Pentraxin-3 is a novel biomarker of lung carcinoma. Clin Cancer Res. 2011 Apr 15; 17(8):2395-9. PMID: 21257721.
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